Wednesday, June 22, 2011

cancer, the sequel

Some of you know that this blog began when I had ocular melanoma, a particularly nasty tumor in my eye that led to it's removal in February 08. Recently, questionable liver work raised a red flag and it has been determined that this cancer has now spread to my liver in a big way.
For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about writing this post and going back to reporting updates/progress through the blog once again. My family and friends have once again rallied around me and I feel the results of prayer and thoughts coming my way. They are a great comfort to me and hold me up from the pit of negativity and fear. I thank all of you for your energy and love.
I am being treated at St. Mary's Laks Cancer Center in Grand Rapids, MI, and my oncologist is Dr. Gribbin. I will be having a specialized form of treatment which will hopefully reduce the size of the tumor and allow for it to be surgically removed later, when I have enough healthy liver to handle the job later on.
I have been through the anger, the denial, and the bargaining. The Buddhists say that all suffering comes from resistance, and that makes sense to me. Taking it a day at a time has never sounded like such a good idea.