Monday, August 1, 2011

From Jon

Hi everyone,

I'm posting on mom's behalf with an update. The cancer in her liver has made her extremely dehydrated and as a result she's spending a few days at the hospital while they rehydrate her. They're also treating her for an ammonia build-up resulting from her liver's reduced capacity to filter it. The ammonia has made her a little confused, but that should clear in the next day or two.

For anyone who wants to send a card or flowers, she's at Holland Hospital in Room 411, Bed 1.

Please send all the thoughts, prayers, and positive energy you can her way.


ps - Mom needs a lot of rest while she's recovering, so if you have any questions send either Annie (ahagar at gmail dot com) or me (jonhagar at gmail dot com) an email and we'll do our best to fill you in with the latest.


Dorothy said...

Love and prayers coming out to my beautiful friend Claudia. Don't give up the fight!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jon for updating Seeing Clearly. I know it means a lot to your Mom, and everyone who followed her blog. See you in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Holland Hospital web site. They have a function there that allows you to send an email directly to a patient; the volunteers will print out the emails and deliver them. I called them, and they have Claudia listed as Frances Hagar, so that's who you need to put in the "patient name" field in the web site form if you choose to use this method to send well-wishes.