Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hungry ghosts

Hungry Ghosts are are part of Buddhism's six realms of existence. I first read about them in Mark Epstein's book, THOUGHTS WITHOUT A THINKER. These gross little guys seem to represent intense craving and addiction. They have tiny little mouths and skinny necks, and they have hugely distended, big bellies.  They can never be full, never satisfied. 
They are hideous little things, appropriate images for addiction. I struggle with it every day and I believe that the root of all suffering is this kind of craving for more-than or other-than what we have and are at this moment. I am here, but I want to be there. I have this, but I want that.
I have this much, but I need  a little more.  I look at this image and I feel like I not only know these guys but may be related to them! :)
I am captivated by this Hungry Ghost thing and just had to share.

What a beautiful day. Spring really is here.
Happy Tulip Time, all.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Oh yes...I have vowed off chocolate and next...off white sugar. The addictive quality is as you stated here, never satiated (sp?)

This work is truly telling of the constant gnawing and gives me an image to put off to the side and make smaller and smaller...but always a reminder.

thanks for this image...