Thursday, September 18, 2008

from thomas moore-soul food

"Rainer Maria Rilke said, 'I live my life in widening rings.'  It may well be useful to note the expanding of the circles in which we live, but it is also important not to lose the sensation of cycles, which may be painful to anyone living in a culture dedicated to the extending line.  Maybe in life we never really develop, but only expand the rotations that give us our firm identity.  Maybe we should expect always to get into familiar trouble and to repeat both the glorious and the defeating themes that are imbedded in our soul."
Being a teacher enhances my sense of the cyclical nature of life: the beginning of the school year is marked by tremendous excitement and anticipation.  It is all new, and the possibilities are tantalizing.  This year could, after all, be the best year ever. At the same time, I embrace the familiar-writing children's names on my class lists and smiling as I remember their faces, pulling out the clay tools, sharpening the pencils, writing on the board, reading for the millionth time Where The Wild Things Are and holding a group of first graders in the palm of my hand....the old, beloved things come back in yet another new way.  And, of course, my old challenges of staying present with my heart, being mindful and resisting the tsunami of the tasks of the day, are familiar refrains.  
The changing of the seasons seems to magnify this awareness of the cycles and circles of my life. I look at last year's pictures of the colors of the leaves and then, walking up the familiar path to the beach the other day, I notice that the bushes are already turning red. Out of the whole row, only one so far-the leader, I think. I know children like that.
sending peace your way. 
let's stay soft in the middle of it all.

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organicsyes said...

speaking of cycles...yep, the everwidening circle of connecting through the artwork...need to see art...need to see art!

Where is Julie McCoy...I mean Amy???