Sunday, September 21, 2008

More from Moore; On Busyness

"Simplifying the externals allows us to cultivate a rich inner and outer life.  A cluttered existence may keep us busy, but busyness doesn't mean that we are fully engaged in what we are doing.  Usually, just the opposite; we feel busy because we are neurotically active at things that don't matter much in the long run.  It does little good to be successful in a business that requires sixty hours of work a week, while the simple pleasures of home life are neglected. A complicated person can simplify life in that simplicity find a deep articulation of values.  Complicated lives often do the opposite: they show to what extent the person is lost in the busyness of the world."

As I put together my list for the week, my challenge will be to see the spaces between the items and try to flesh those out a little with some self-care, some rest, some time sitting on the cushion,  making art, dreaming, breathing.
Sunday night: how long have I been anxious on this, the starting line of another week? 


annie hagar said...

ah. so glad to hear the sunday night anxiety never wanes.

organicsyes said...

Amen to these words by Moore, sister!

Thank you for the gentle reminder:)