Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 secrets

I have been tagged by organicsyes....
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Remember chain letters? 
They were letters that we wrote and sent to a set number of people (was it seven? that seems right) and then each person sent to seven more, etc, etc, but also back to you, and the idea was that you were going to get a dollar or something from everyone and be rich. The other kind was that you had to do it or you were going to have to endure some awful fate if you didn't keep the chain going. (come to think of it, maybe I can attribute whatever bad luck I have ever had in my life to broken chain letters --or maybe broken mirrors. 
here are my seven facts (I am only doing this because it is a chance to talk about myself)

1.  I am a teacher and doer and lover of all things art.
2. I have a fabulously diverse, interesting, irreverant and delightful group of friends.
3. I have a tiny little dog named Bella.
4. I lost an eye earlier this year.
5.  I love books about maritime disasters and great adventures.
6.  My first name is Frances.
7.  I was named after a little girl with a terminal illness that my doctor dad and nurse mom took care of before they got married. (I love that one.)


organicsyes said...

I love hearing about you:)


Ned said...


Sorry about the post on my blog. You've caught me at a rather weird moment in life.

I like your thought about chain letters being the source of all the bad luck you've ever had.

I wonder if people started to send chain letter to get rid of their bad luck in the first place.

Anyway, thanks.