Friday, October 3, 2008

good news from Thich Nhat Hanh

Woke up this morning once again with this heaviness in my heart over the way of the world. It seems like it is painted in such dark hues these days. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Buddhist monk from Vietnam who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King. They worked together in another turbulent time-the 60's.  Offered here to you:
"Store consciousness, your thoughts, your speech, and your actions bring about the fruit of karma, which is comprised of yourself and your environment.  You and your environment are one and create your karma.  It is possible for us to assure a beautiful future by taking care of our thoughts, our speech, and our actions.  You have the power of changing yourself within, and you have the power of changing yourself by changing your environment.  Taking care of yourself means to take care of your body and to take care of your environment.   It is not true that the genes determine everything.  Through produc ing your thoughts, speech, and actions, you create your environment.  You always have the opportunity to arrange yourself and arrange your environment in such a way as to water the positive seeds in yourself.  That is the secret of happiness."
Good news for those of us who feel a little powerless in the face of all of this turmoil.
Sending wishes for joy and peace to all of you out there...
with love,
PS: Buttberry update: in a previous post I mentioned my attempts to emulate my friend Mark by developing a personal organization system for keeping me on track.  Yesterday, I not only dumped water all over my paper but proceeded to accidently rip it and then lose it somewhere between work and home. 
Lamination? a waterproof planner to put my buttberry in?


organicsyes said...

Since we create our Karma...which I whole-heartily agree...perhaps creating another method of the "buttberry" this method working otherwise? our daily thoughts and actions reqire it? It puts me in the mind of Frog and Toad...Frog and Toad Together...A List...maybe you know it? Find it in the library and see if you agree:)

Ned said...

I was thinking about how this is a time for growth in the world. If things were peachy, there would be no reason to look for a better way.

We've become so attached to our material wealth and now we are watching it rot. But if it didn't rot, we would not search for a new sense of value.