Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Carolyn's Announcement

Now it is official: our dear Carolyn, the Waukazoo librarian and technology specialist, the Resourceress, the creator of MIKIDS, my wonderful friend of 17 years, is moving to the Indianapolis area where her hub Stefan has started a new job. It is a great job, from all accounts, and he is up to the challenge and raring to go, having had a few months of tweener retirement that he didn't really ask for. Congratulations to both of you as you walk toward something new.
They have bought a breathtaking house, the kind of house people drive by on Sunday afternoons and say, " Wow, look at that one!"  Plenty of room for the pinball machine and the baby grand.
A great kitchen in which Carolyn can whip up her delectable deserts.  Three guest rooms-one each for Bobbi, Kathy and I. We need to pick out bedspreads and paint.  I want the red Chinese bedspread in my room!
All who know Carolyn, who I affectionately call "Eric" from an old MOnty Python joke (the one about the dead budgie and the fish license), know that she is a very witty person. She just delights me with her sense of humor. She is also strong, direct, insightful, headstrong, and a little bossy. These qualities are precisely what has made her so successful in building the libraries she oversees at Waukazoo and Sheldon Woods. We don't of course have any idea how much we will miss her. Her shoes are far too big to fill (although, with a little heel and a short skirt, who would know?)
One of my favorite memories of Carolyn: we went to a conference in Arizona years ago, when teachers still got to go to things like that, and when we got to the hotel, all of our luggage and stuff was in a pile. My handmade Mexican shawl was among the stuff, and Carolyn looked at it and sniffed, " who the hell brought that thing?" A little offended, I sniffed, "that is MINe, Carolyn!" and we laughed (I laughed just a little.) A little later, I saw a Louis Vutton bag and made a comment about the ostentatiousness of those hideous designer bags with initials all over them which translate into dollar signs to the observer...and of course, it was her bag.  
How we have gotten so close over the years is just a testament to how much we love the differences between us.
I love you, Eric.

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