Thursday, April 24, 2008

Poetry Month

One of the ways we members of the school community mark the time is to observe some of the myriad dedications that we find on calendars for different months. This month is Poetry Month, and my fellow teachers at West Ottawa have been sharing their favorite poems via email with the rest of the faculty. What a joy to find several of them waiting in my inbox to be read during a quick break or printed up and saved for later.
Like the teachers in our district, the poems run the gamut, from Dave Matthews lyrics to to an ee cummings poem recited sensually on a you tube clip. There are Emily Dickenson and Robert Creely, Rumi and Whitman. Each of these poems is presented to us as a gift and as a little peek into the person who sent it.
Carolyn, dear friend, aforementioned Resourceress at our school, sent the following poem today, which is sure to pierce the heart of every parent out there.
Passed along to my friends here in cyberspace for your enjoyment:


Griffin calls to come and kiss him goodnight
I yell ok. Finish something I'm doing,
then something else, walk slowly round
the corner to my son's room.
He is standing arms outstretched
waiting for a bearhug. Grinning.

Why do I give my emotion an animal's name,
give it that dark squeeze of death?
This is the hug which collects
all his small bones and his warm neck against me.
The thin tough body under the pyjamas
locks me like a magnet of blood.

How long was he standing there
like that, before I came?

-Michael Ondaatje
exerpted from "The Cinnamon Peeler"
Published by Alfred A. Knopf

Happy Poetry Month.


Anonymous said...

Still thinking of you, even as life appears to be heading back to "normal".

organicsyes said... is one of my favorites on my blog: