Sunday, April 27, 2008

Second Helping of Andy Warhol

Hello, friends,
Another trip to the GRAM today with my friend Mark and his friend Tina-Sunday brunch was divine and in addition to seeing the work a second time, I got to see the documentary showing in their cool theater, which was excellent.  My blurry mental image of Warhol as this stoned-out skinny guy at Studio 54, that caricature, is now gone, which I guess is a kind of definition of education--replacing misconceptions with truth.  
Years ago I went to a seminar with David Perkins, an educator who has thought and written a lot about the nature of learning, and his theory is that the reason teaching is so hard is that you have this three-fold job you have to do in order to install concepts into a person's head.  First, you have to discern the nature of the misconceptions, and we are all loaded with them. Second, you have to actually prove them wrong.  And then, finally, the misconception falls away and is replaced by something closer to reality.  No blank slates out there, in other words. 
My belief is that the arts are the vehicle.
Jack Wiler wrote about JFK's assassination this morning on his blog, at about the same time that I was looking at a roomful of Warhol's images of Jack and Jackie on that day in Dallas.  He reminded me of how we loved the Kennedy's, of Camelot. I remember that. I loved my misconceptions about that. 


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