Wednesday, April 16, 2008

dinner at panera

Hi, All-
Bobbi, Kathy and I met for soup after work-as is probably written all over our faces, we had a lovely time together, like we always do. I treasure these women and we all agree that men may come and men may go, but the love we have for each other is the real deal. 
Last November I bought a card that expressed sentiment about friends:
"We all let people into our lives, but you will find that really good friends let you into your own."
If we have great friends who love us and are honest with us, this happens, and when it does it is a gift beyond measure.
An eye story for you:
I went to Lowe's the other day to get some fertilizer for the lawn, having spent the afternoon raking and finding little green heads peeking out of the ground. My eyes were itchy, are every other MIchigander's this time of year, and I was rubbing both of them hard as I drove.  What I didn't realize is that I somehow managed to flip my magic eye upSIDE DOWN.....
I didn't realize why the cashier was looking at me a little oddly until I checked the mirror when I got back to the car! So, I have a peculiar request for you all--please, give me a headsup if my eye is askew, ok? :)

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Susan said...

Cracking me up!!! with the eye story:)