Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Friday: My New EYe!

At the risk of sounding sacreligious,  I want to tell you that Good Friday was a very Good Friday indeed, as Annie and I made our journey to Saginaw in early morning to see Ocularist Mike Bain once again, this for the creation of my custom ocular prosthesis. Mike was looking natty and professional in his white coat and greeted us with a warm hello and a gesture that meant "just a sec" as he flew through the hall. He is a busy man. He is one of only a handful of ocularists in the state, one of only 125 in the country, and his job makes demands on him that I can barely wrap my mind around. He needs the kindness of a priest, the patience of a kindergarten teacher, the painting skill of an artist, the knowledge of an opthamologist and the stamina of an athlete to travel through his busy days.
My eye, as you can see, is so beautiful-he nailed it. He worked for hours, and he and Annie collaborated as the day went on. It was a joy. Even the trip home through the snow did not dampen our spirits!

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