Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday night

Hello, All-
On Tuesday, I re-took my road test--the one I failed last week because I failed to understand that 30 in a 25 actually IS speeding, according to those nitpickers at the Secretary of State's Office (imagine my surprise...:)) so now, I am officially able to drive, by myself and without restrictions! I am right on the borderline on this, having 110 degrees of vision range, and will have to be retested annually.  Driving has become a nonissue (except of course for the speeding, which I am working on!)-and so is everything else that I was so worried about.  I thought that I would be running into things all day, every day, that were harder or different to cope with due to my reduced vision, but this has not been the case. Most of the time these days, I live in joy and gratitude--and here are a few reasons why:
1- every day when I go to work, I get greeted with smiles, hugs, waves and hellos from many beautiful children.  This is an excellent way to start one's day.
2-Also, these days include spending time with my dear friends who happen to also be my co-workers--additional hugs, smiles, greetings, chocolate--and in two cases, beautiful spring flowers!  thank you , Lynne, for the perfect red tulips, and Nicki and class for the lilly. 
3-Smiling face of awesome principal who loves to talk to me about Daniel Pink and the importance of art. We are speaking the same language and that is a beautiful thing...
4-Additional smiles, good wishes, hugs and yet MORE presents from parents who spoil Mrs. Art to death....Courtney Leonard's mom brought me back a beautiful skirt and bracelet from her recent trip to Africa. You will see me sporting these in the hall at school!
4-cute dog, potty trained most of the time
5-daily chats with family and friends
6-I dont' have cancer anymore
7-I have a beautiful new eye
8-you get the idea......

Today I saw my family  doctor, Giny Hoekman and got good reports all around. Yippee on that.

Having monocular vision doesn't mean my vision is poor, just that it is different. I think I read more than ever now. Also, interestingly, literally not a day goes by that I do not hear of another person who has lost an eye, or vision in an eye. Isn't that weird?
Love to you --do you hear the birds singing in the mornings??


Jack Wiler said...

Hi Claudia, I got your blog info from Rochelle and was astonished by your blog, your struggle and your grace. It is indeed spring:)

Susan said...

Hi Claudia:)
I was thinking of you as I was driving to work this AM ( I, too, was probably speeding!). Just feeling the love for you and wanted to share.

Glad to have this blog to keep up on you each totally cool!

Hey...we need to discuss the "installation of our Mothers" idea...I loved that! Wondered how to proceed...perhaps connect with Lorma and do mini-installlations? What do you think?

Love to you and thanks for writing in my blog!