Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday, March 5: News on my New Eye!

hello, good people out there,
Good news! Through my new friends at I have learned about natural iris conformers, which are a more realistic-looking alternative to the "clear conformer" which provides the shininess you can see peeking out of my left eye. This led me to talk on the phone today with Mike Bain, who will be creating my custom prosthesis in the next few weeks. He will be able to have on of these iris conformers--basically, white with an iris painted on-- ready for me when we meet next Friday the 14th! This means that if I go back to work on the 17th as planned, I will have something that looks like a human eye in place. I am so excited about this! He also looked at the ideas Annie and Jon created for my permanent new eye and feels that he can accomodate me there, too, so this is very good news.
The sunshine is certainly helping to lift my spirits, as is the company and communication provided by Bella, great books and dear friends. Thank you for continuing cards, phone calls, emails, jokes, coffee dates, movie recommendations.....
love to you all.


Jon said...

Did you ask him about gory Halloween eyes?

Dumuro said...
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