Saturday, March 1, 2008

saturday -March 1st

good morning,
the sun is shining and it is a gorgeous morning. 
Yesterday, I woke up with a head cold, and it is still making life interesting today...Annie agreed to stay for the weekend to see how this thing plays out. I feel especially vulnerable given the recent vertigo and fears of germs in general!  So, laying low, reading and sleeping and leaving the day to day up to Annie and others. Again. It is hard to let go but I have no choice. I miss my life, the person I saw myself as being before all of this. Of course, I what is really happening is that I am letting go of that fictional character who was invincible and could do anything. 
Suddenly, it is March. Feeling like I was in some kind of weird other place for the whole month of February. It was one month ago that I received the news from Dr. Aaberg.  
Feeling hesitant to write too much for fear of self pity leaking in to my words, but it is lurking there around the edges, and reminding me how important the health of my spiritual practice is right now- (really, it is important every day, through everything...) 
Anyone want to go see the Dalai Llama in April? He is coming to Ann Arbor.
Hope you are well and happy out there.
Julie Wennekes, my old friend and college roommate, is coming for the weekend next Friday.
She will be here for 3 days. I went to see her in November-she is a fellow in DC for a year, working at a federal level to push Head Start initiatives, but her experience is so much larger than that, of course. She has immersed herself in DC and is taking every advantage of being there. I am very proud to call her my friend because it really makes me look good to be in her light. :)
I am getting cards from Waukazoo families, some of whom have left Waukazoo and are now Harbor Lights or High School warms my heart to be remembered.  Also having fun with Facebook talking to former students and old friends. In the middle of this somewhat cloistered experience I am feeling far more connected by heart with so many. I talk to my dad every day. What a blessing.
anyway, how I do ramble on....more later....

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