Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday March 11: One Month Post-Op

Hello, All,
It has been almost a week since I have posted. Since then, my old friend Julie Wennekes has visited.  We visited Carolyn's for movie night, had lunch at Butch's, shopped at BFF stores Roxie's Vintage and Karla's, did beauty rituals, stayed up late, lounged in jammies...we had dinner at Ron  and Val's in Michigan City (Ron is Julie's bro, and he and his beautiful wife Valerie are both artists.  Check out the book they illustrated: www.amazon.co.uk/Art-Spiritual-Dreaming-Harold Klemp/dp/1570431493.  Her other bro Phil with his sons Noah and Travis were there, too, as was sis Coralee and exhub Pat. I have known all of these people since I was about 18, so it was a good reunion...went to work yesterday, not to teach but to work on curriculum with art amigos Jan, Christina, Sherry, Kathy and Susan Loughrin. Good way to get back in to the swing of things. Bella made friends with Pam Howard!

ONe month Post-op, I have recieved the second-opinion path report from Emory University, which concurs with the first one, so according to at least two learned groups of people, I am cancer free. Words cannot express how that feels but I know a lot of you know.
I talked to Diana Esquival today-she and Al moved to Cincinnati last year. Her family has had a number of very serious medical crises in the past few years and I have admired the way her family has come together, and the strength of their faith. Who knows when these things can happen to any of us and how we will come together? We hope to see each other in the spring.

Also thank you to Ann McKnight, fellow 8 and holy woman healer, for the cranial-sacral massage. She loved up my poor eye today.

Pictures of Julie and I at the beach...the one of our footprints was Julie's idea.  As Leonard Cohen would say, " our steps will always rhyme.

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