Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday morning

I have been exploring Losteye.com, which is an amazing resource for anyone who is facing the loss of an eye, and I found this picture of what my implant looks like.
As you can see, it is very porous, which allows the muscle to really permeate and become a part of the implant. Though it is manmade, I feel that it has an organic quality about it, don't you?
It is quite beautiful, I think. More so than the villanous FRedd.


Jon said...

Hey Ma,

Pic's not showing up.

I imagine after all the stress, excitement, company, etc., from February, getting back to "normal" in March must be kind of a letdown for you.

Don't be too sad - remember, all this out here is just an illusion, so maybe losing some of your vision means taking a step closer to the truth.

Jon said...

Never mind, I see it. Cooooool.

annie hagar said...

oh, jane. you're so profound (and probably right).

plus, you get more beautiful every time i see you!