Thursday, February 28, 2008

hello, all! this is annie, posting for mother-dear. see below for pictures...

this a picture of mom's late left eye, and superimposed atop her iris, i've included the colors of her turquoise ring. this, friends, is what we're aiming for. plus a few gold flecks along the edge.

if you're wondering how the hell this works, visit these links. it's an incredibly interesting process:

yesterday, we visited waukazoo for the first time since my mom's car accident, and she was treated like a regular celebrity. she is so thankful to have such a supportive group of coworkers and such wonderful students (i am too. thanks, everyone). she was able to remove her eye patch and show the kids her "zombie eye," as i like to call it. they were very engaged, curious, and only slightly creeped out!
mrs. art gets mobbed, and welcomes it!

more hugs

a synchronized group hug in mrs. gundrum's classroom

mrs. art tells mr. lyon's classroom about her eye

last night, mark vandenbosch stopped by our house and offered mom some encouraging words and a shoulder to cry on. thank you, mark. and, you know. thanks to bella too.

and, finally, as i'm writing this, heidi and amy, fellow west ottawa art teachers, are paying us a visit.


Jon said...


That's basically what I'm thinking for her eye, too. I'll send you my version soon.

It sure looks like those kids miss you, mom!

annie hagar said...


and, yes, those kids miss her terribly. it's pretty adorable.

Anonymous said...

Waukazoo and Sheldon Woods have a wonderful sense of family and I am sure the children will be very helpful when you return. Let me know how I can help you too. Love Sherry