Monday, February 4, 2008

hello, all-
today I will talk to the insurance folks about my poor car and get some pre-op stuff done, like a complete physical, and an ekg. Also will be seeing my therapist/spiritual guide Daniel and checking with my neurosurgeon to make sure my head is still intact!:)
yesterday Annie, Adrian and I went to Best Buy and got a HUGE tv....Bobbi, Barb and Joe helped me put together the tv stand from target (what an adventure: talk to Bobbi the Builder about that one!) and hook up the tv while daughter Becky, my soul mate in the eye department, gave me some encouraging words about living with one eye...another beloved person in my life, Julie Wennekes, who I met as a freshman at Hope a million years ago, is pretty much sightless in one eye, and she tells me, no problem.  In addition, a certain educator I know confided in me that he is also blind in the left eye! So, my friends, I am learning fast that losing an eye is going to be interesting but not debilitating. I have also decided to make my prosthesis a real work of art....anyone have some ideas for a subtly abstract design? (or not so subtle....check out the cloud eye on my doc's website!)
Anyway, Bobbi and I ate the rest of the delicious food Carolyn cooked and sent over on Saturday --thanks, Eric, for the yummy veggie quiche and soup!  Sherry also was involved in the madness yesterday--she is hauling me around today and helping me deal with the insurance stuff and pay the bills.
I am looking at my house with the future in mind and realize that my stairway is very dimly lit and is going to be not so good when my depth perception goes away. I could use some help from somebody on that. I also need to get another car and am looking for a used Rav-4--it's small, the visibility is good and I used to have one--so guys, keep your eyes open for one of those!
I miss my kids but don't want them to worry, nor do I want any of you to fret, because I am safely held, at peace and grateful for my incredibly blessed you guys....more later...
ps--feel free to ask my about all of this--happy to share!


annie lane said...

you are amazing! i am so glad jon and i can be there for you next week. call me soon, mammie. love you.


Heidi said...

Claudia, wow what a positive attitude you have! Keep the faith and joy in your spirit. I look forward to visiting soon.

Arts said...

Claudia - your Arts Council family is behind you! What a wonderful example artful spirit you are.
Maybe the Arts Council should have a call to artists to take care of you eye design...hmmmmm.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

(I'm having trouble figuring out how to blog. I hope this isn't the 10th time I've "published")

Yesterday Vanessa told me all about this. Annie is right, you are amazing--and inspirational--and brave--and fun! What a combo!
I want to hear more about your eye design. I have a lot to learn about that, in addition to the "Blogging-101" course I should take.
You are a blessing to your children and to all of us who care about you.
Love, Mary

Amy said...

Hey Claudia! I called you yesterday! So if you need anything call me! Like, if you're in GR and need to know where good eats are and where you'll get salmonella, or if you need a ride, or cookies, or dog sitting, etc, etc.
ALso, I wish you had told me you were going to Tar-go to get a tv stand! I have a paltry 10% discount. It's not much, but it's something. I'm sure I'll see you next week when Ann's in town but until then, much love and let me know if you need anything.
Down with Fredd!