Thursday, February 14, 2008


dear friends,

this is annie again. happy valentines day to you all! it's important that i write today of all days, because i want to convey just how much my mom has felt loved these past few days. we can hardly keep up with all of the cards, flowers, food, presents, e-mails and phone calls my mom is receiving from friends and family. it is really indescribable.

this morning, my mom was feeling down, and just as she climbed into bed for a nap, my brother ran downstairs with another bundle of cards. i sat with her and read them aloud, and by the time she was ready to sleep, she was feeling infinitely better. and just a moment ago (while she was still asleep), she received two more deliveries of flowers.

i am saving all of these things (and documenting the perishables) so that we can put together a scrapbook for this experience. said scrapbook will probably be about the size of several encyclopedias and weigh approximately seventy three pounds.

thank you, very sincerely, everyone. you are an inspiring group.



Ms_Gundrum said...

Oh Annie, you are so funny!! :) Love you, (Twisted Sister 2nd edition)

Anonymous said...

Claudia, Annie and Jon -

Marty and I are so glad to hear that the surgery went well, and to know how you're doing. We're pulling for you!

Laurie (Hayes) and Marty Deffenbaugh

PS - I talked to my Dad (Uncle/Great Uncle John) the other night and he sounded pretty good although a bit groggy. So maybe we will be lucky and the stroke damage will be minimal. I know he and Marilyn are praying for you as are we all.