Sunday, February 3, 2008

first post!

Hello, All!
Annie is at my side, and she has created this blog spot for me to keep in touch with all of you. Of course I will be talking to many of you outside of the blog as well, but at least I know what I have told you!--feeling a little like I am in the middle of one of those Tom Cruise movies where he doesn't know what the heck is happening!
I can't tell you what you all mean to me. I opened a door or two and the walls soon fell down and now all of you are here with me and I feel so safely held. Thank you for your love, concern, caring, humor, advice, food, rides, sub plans, coffee, art work....
to summarize what it going on medically, I was diagnosed last week with a malignant melanoma that is a particularly aggressive litte bugger and has invaded my optic nerve as well as making the vision in my left eye look a little wonky. What narrows my treatment options is this. Killing Fredd (as we have named the tumor) without also disabling the optic nerve sounds like a pretty remote possibility--within a few years I would almost certainly lose the vision in that eye even with the tumor gone. Add to that the fact that this cancer is aggressive and could move to the lungs or liver, and enucleation, or eye removal, really sounds like the prudent (if somewhat Frankensteinian) course of action!
My surgery is scheduled for Monday, Feb 11--more on that will follow!
I am going to paste some video links below so you guys can get an education on this subject.
Information on my doctor (Thomas Aaberg):

Yesterday I totaled my car and got a concussion--wound up in Holland Hospital with Sherry, Bobbi, Kathy--and Carolyn, Stefanie and her boyfriend Brian--who smuggled my puggybunny Bella in!! --in a yellow shopping bag!!--
it was the highlight, for sure, and we laughed until we cried. The accident was no doubt caused by my increasingly wonky and spotty vision and the nice Ottawa County Sheriff says no driving for Claudia for the time being. Annie and Adrian came up from Chicago and are here, now--going home tonight but bringing Jon back in a couple of days (probably Wednesday.) I am ok, other than a headache, and the good news is that it took my mind off the tumor! :)

Ok, enough for now...look for more posts later today--

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Dittlebittle said...

Claudia, you have been a glowing presence ever since you so nonchalantly dealt with how my Son #3 (just engaged!) decided to get your attention. I know that the light you are will brighten your way forward. xoxo Lucie