Monday, February 11, 2008

The beginings of recovery

Jon (aka "The Boy") here.

We've decided to stay in Grand Rapids again tonight since Mom's follow-up appointment is here tomorrow afternoon. It's been about 6 hours since we left the hospital and she is in very good spirits. The Darvocet is keeping her pretty groggy, but we're keeping her well fed and well rested (Doctor's orders, you know). As Annie said before, we have to keep her visitors to a bare minimum for the time being, but you'll all get to see her soon enough.

We are all obviously quite relieved with the outcome of the surgery. Even though she had a very promising prognosis from Dr. Aaberg, there was that element of squeamishness and anxiety to the waiting process. To make things even better, Mom is handling this with incredible grace. It's really awesome to watch someone with this much strength cope with a situation like this. Personally, I feel like I would have decked any doctor who told me he wanted to take my eye, but maybe I inherited a little of whatever Mom has.

Anyway, keep posting your comments and soon Mom will be able to post for herself.

Love to you all,

Jon & Mom (and Bella, too)

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Seyth said...

Good news all. Somebody find the doctor and high-five him for me (not if he's busy).

Claudia I send you every little trace of my love, and know that you'll be back on your feet (breaking guitar strings, swearing at the dog) in no time at all.

Talk to you all soon.