Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am hearing from my fellow participants from the Shambhala and they are sending me such good vibes. ahhhhhhhh. thank you, universe.
Deborah, my sister in law for twenty years and great sister-friend ever since, is coming to stay for two weeks from florida. Haven't seen her for a couple of years. When we were very young, we called ourselves Cheech and Chong and had many adventures (I would do it all over again, too, at least most of it!) 
looked at some cars-my friend Nancy suggests I take a look at Subaru Foresters as well as me this seems like a Coke vs Pepsi deal. Any opinions out there?
Annie is home again. She posted the beautiful drawing of my eye tonight. We are working on designs for my new eye. 
It just keeps snowing and snowing! Thanks to Nathan for bringing THE MOST AWESOME BUTTERNUT SQUASH BISQUE, crusty bread, gouda cheese and pears for dinner...he also shoveled, hooked up my printer and my dvd, made me laugh as usual, and did all of this knowing that a hellish drive back home awaited. 
Also CAR NEWs:  My Yoda Toyoda is officially totalled. May he RIP. 


Navin Johnson-Kukla said...

More than happy to help out Boss Lady. Any thing, any time. You know that.

I'm excited to see what you and your talented children come up with for the new peeper. You may have stumbled on to a whole new niche of personalized accessories. Possible names for your company, 'An Eye for the Eye', or the obvious 'iEye'. The possibilities limitless.

The quotes that get me through the day are, "Everything is illusion, but I believe all is well.", and "Fight like hell to the bloody end."

I'll be doing a little dance and singing Shama Lama Ding Dong when we reach Shambhala.


Jon said...

As for the cars, Subaru's plant in Indiana was the first (and maybe only) auto plant in the US to be zero-landfill. It's also a registered wildlife habitat. So, call me a hippy, but Subaru would get my vote.

I like the "iEye" - it lends itself so well to spinoffs: "iRis", "iLash", etc.