Friday, February 15, 2008

Ram Dass

We watched the Ram Dass documentary, FIERCE GRACE, today-some of you may know him from the 60's, when he befriended Timothy Leary and turned on, tuned in and dropped out. He wrote a book called BE HERE NOW in the 60's.
I learned about Krishna Dass on Ram Dass's website on New Year's Day. I have been able to listen to his chants often today. If you would like to hear music that is calming and joyful, try his!

My uncle John is recovering much of his speech already. I talked to my dad tonight and he sounded tired. Please keep him in your heart today, and also my step mom Geneva. Sounds like her plate is full, as well.

Candie, Jadea and Merlot all here for afternoon tea. So wonderful. Also cards from dear people including my roomie from Shambhala, Sue. A wonderful surprise. It is because of her that I bought a magnet that is on my fridge that says, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? She is a happy vagabond.

Pain is subsiding and my eye is starting to feel normal.

time for bed.
love to you all.

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