Monday, February 4, 2008

hello, all, 
Today Dr Giny Hoekman, my family doc, earned her money, giving me a comprehensive physical and an ekg. She was multitasking....covering her list of Physical Must-dos, covering all of the items on the pre-op list and also making sure I'm recovering from the car crash...still have lingering ditziness, like repeating myself, but my kids assure me that I was doing that BEFore the accident.  Sherry took me to this appointment, then to the grocery, and then went to get my stuff out of the car and told me it is a total loss so feeling lucky to be sitting here writing this.  Thanks, Sherry, for giving me this day. For those of you who may not know Sherry, she is a very organized person and a regular Jewish mother to boot...thank God she was there. I now have some future appointments written down on my calendar so I won't forget. She will also nag me to follow through.
My two Kathys brought food tonight--veggie chili from Thornhill (Candi can cook) and brownies from Hamm.  Lemme tell you--delicious. I could get used to this. Rest assured that I am not wasting away.
My eye is so weird. it is like a Jackson Pollock painting today...very weird floaters. very dark when I first got up. it changes all day long. It aches a little, too. I have a feeling that my vision is just going to keep deteriorating until the surgery next Monday. Maybe it will just get dark, like the lights went out. I feel sad about what is happening to my poor eye.
I also miss work and my kids and hope that they are coping allright. this stuff is heavy enough for grownups! I am thankful to Carolyn for telling the kids what is going on and adding a link and blog for me onto her MIKIDS website. this way I can comunicate with my waukazoo gang.
Thanks to other teachers too for talking to the kids and reassuring them...of course, I work at the best school in the world, in case you had not heard!

I'm scheduled to be out until the 22nd and then back to work on the 25th....
in the meantime, I sure can see that new tv!

will try to post a photo of Fredd the Tooma...

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