Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CAT scan is ok

Hi, Guys,
I got a call from Dr. Lowry's office-the neurosurgeon who treated my concussion. He feels that there is nothing new going on in my noggin that might cause me trouble.  The vertigo was apparently just one of those things and I have only felt slight symptoms since, so it looks like I am on the mend there as well as everywhere else. I also met with Daniel as usual this week and we discussed my recovery and my feelings surrounding returning to work with different vision and after a month away.  I am really sort of nervous about being able to do my job well and just apprehensive about how it will be. Here at home, in my little cocoon, it is easy to feel secure, but getting back out there in the world sometimes sounds a little daunting! 
Good news about driving--I can! I called the Secretary of State's office about my re-eval, which has not been scheduled yet. I was under the impression from the good sheriff who visited me after the accident that I was not to be driving until that was done, but I learned that I can indeed drive in the meantime. So, I took Annie and I to my Dr. appt this morning and it really did feel fine. The new mirrors that Deborah installed in my Rav work beautifully!
I got an adorable Beanie Baby Pug delivered to my door today from our wonderful Waukazoo custodian Rhonda. Thank you, girl, and please know that I miss your smiling face very much. For those of you who don't know her, Rhonda is possibly the best custodian who ever lived.
Right up there with Sue Nykamp!:)
Also, recieved a basket of goodies from my Elementary Art Amigos (oh, do they ever know what I like!) and they are coming to visit after school tomorrow.  It will be good to be with them again.
My friends Lori and Mark will be getting me to and furrom a meeting tonight so that I can have someone in the car when I do my first night-driving.  My program friends are pretty amazing.
thanks as always for your support....I just realized I didn't even mention my eye in this post. That is because it is just getting so much better, and I also forget about it for long stretches the past few days. Wow, what a blessing that is!


Anonymous said...

Hey Claudia,
You looked absolutely beautiful today when you came to school. It was like all of the love coming from the kids was reflected in your face. They were sincerely thrilled to see you. Of course us grown ups were pretty happy too. :)

Deborah said...

Hi guys,

It's Wed afternoon and I just got a chance to check the blog. I feel SO loved! It was beyond what words can express to see and be with you all, my wonderful family. I miss you all so much, but know in my heart that we will always be strongly connected. Claudia, I'm so proud of you girl. You have put yourself out there and shared yourself with the world, giving so many the hope they need. You are my HERO!

Love you always, Deborah

Kukla said...

You are a great art teacher. And, you know that.

You could do a better job than most people with both hands ties behind your back and in your sleep. Though that is not a very comfortable way to sleep.