Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Night update!

Hi, Everybody! 
Deborah left today and is on her way back to Port St. Lucie as I write this. Annie and I bid her a tearful farewell and will miss her so much. We have already made plans to be together in June and look forward to seeing her in North Carolina, along with Frank and Abigail.

Before Deborah left, I took the car out for some practice, and I am pleased to tell you that I did not crash into anything and managed to park a couple of times--of course, no other cars around, but still, it was easier than I thought and I am relieved already. I love the new car and the special mirrors we installed are awesome. Not a blind spot anywhere.
I'll be mostly home this week again and then start back to work the following week. My eye continues to improve daily-today even less of a color show and my eyelid is about half open now, revealing the interesting cyborg eye inside.... it's nice to have my eye opening up and to feel it blinking.

Saw some friends this morning at a meeting, several of whom are cancer survivors. They are all happy and healthy and their energy and attitudes are a tonic for me.
hope all are well....

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Barbie said...

What have you done to that dog?

Good to see that they didn't remove any of your sense of humor.