Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Deb has logged more miles than a trucker these days, mostly in bad weather. She took Dad and Geneva back to Holland this morning so that they could head back to Indiana, then back to GR to get us checked out and to Dr. Aaberg's office for my first checkup. I could almost hear the drum roll as Laurie, the technician, took my huge dressing off. I was plenty nervous imagining what was underneath it. I was facing Deb, Jon and Annie, and I watched their faces-all of them simultaneously breathinga sigh of relief and giving me a warm smile, saying, "OH!! it isn't so bad, Mom! You just sort of look llike you've been in a fight!" And it was true-some bruising and swelling for sure, but still me, still my eye-I'm still pretty symmetrical, which is amazing considering. We have to put ointment in my eye three times a day-which by the way costs 100 bucks for a tiny tiny tube!! (for the umpteenth time wondering what people do without health insurance) stave off infection and got some patches, one of which is a sort of metal screeny thing to protect my eye.
I will be meeting with the Ocularist, Michael Bain, in the next few weeks, and will have my prosthesis in a month or so.
I am sort of wiped out tonight and thankful for pain meds. I am also so very grateful for my incredible kids, my Super Woman Sister Deb, and Kathy (Candie) and Carolyn (Jade) for bringing delicious dinner. Carolyn also brought letters from SW kids to read (they are priceless of course)--and thank you to Kathy Keegin for the beautiful prayer shawl which I am wearing right now. Carolyn and stephanie, thank you for the gorgeous eye patches-my favorite is the turquoise feathered one! I feel beautiful in it-especially with the matching turquoise shawl.

Goodnight, goodnight....
Oh! Sometimes I can see soo well. It is weird. My brain is already compensating. Amazing amazing!

This is Annie... see below for pictures!

a pre-surgery hug

Annie drew an eye over the "X"

Jon makes some edits

Grampy entertains Annie, pre-op

"Does it look better like this, or this?"

still waiting...

Mark and Deb (brother and sister) reunite!

Amy makes an appearance to cheer Claudia up, post-op

Dr. Aaberg & Claudia

a clean bill of health!


Susan said...

Hi Claudia,
So glad you are home and surrounded by family and friends:)

What a journey...thinking of you and amazed by your brilliance!

Heidi said...


How wonderful to know you are so
loved and in great hands. I am glad everything went smoothly. I can not believe how amazing the body is - that it knows how to begin helping you instantly. That is amazing you are already noticing how your eye is overcompensating. Wow. Take care and blessings.