Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank you Tasha for the beautiful purse and the motherload of candy within it:) sweet of you. Your friend does lovely work. I can't wait to use it.....of course half of the candy is already gone (this should surprise no one!) Also thank you Art Amigos for hanging up the Cityscapes downtown at the Arts Council! Coincidentally I ran into my dear Marilu Andree at the Windmill where I was having omelets with Annie after my appointment downtown. Marilu is Exhibits Coordinator and the latest addition to the very wonderful staff there. Here is a picture that Annie took of the two of us:
Speaking of Annie it is so nice to have her home and I want to report that she is a Godsend and I finally feel like I can rest. She is taking care of things like food, puppy, dishes and phone calls. She also gives me hugs, makes me laugh, watches Meerkat Mansion (Annie's edit: it is actually Meerkat 'Manor'... how cute is my mom??).with me and is my blog manager. How lucky am I! We will be getting ready for the company dad Dr Tom and step mom Geneva get in tomorrow afternoon, followed by sister Deborah tomorrow night and Jon on Saturday.
Talked to my ex and still dear friend Mark tonight--please, all, keep him in your thoughts now, too, as he is going through rough times and this is hard for him as well. He is such a great dad and could use some support right now, too....
I know for sure that love is the answer to all of the suffering in this world.

Today I thought about dying and how it would be to lose my life from this cancer, as so many other people have done, some of them so dear to me. I tell you all of this because I need to tell the truth. I am scared. I am afraid that I will not be able to see the lake like I do now. I am afraid, in my hopeless vanity, that I will look ugly. I am afraid that the cancer will spread. I am afraid that the people I love so much, my family and friends and kids at school, will suffer.

i also, in the midst of all of this, feel a sense that life is so wonderful. Keep those prayers circulating through the universe, for all of us.

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