Tuesday, February 5, 2008

note from my doctor

good morning,
I'm posting an email I got from Dr. Aaberg with more info--I had asked him about the nodules that are outside the schlera of the eyeball and also needed some reassurance that waiting a week wasn't going to have any negative consequences (I look at fredd and think he looks hungry...)

kathy sent me the bella pic from the camera...as you can see, it was such fun. I can tell you that room 17 was rocking that day! also as you can see, I am still learning how to download pics! 
really, I am so tired today and feel overwhelmed...I woke up early and opened my eyes, and my left eye was in twilight mode...just a few glimmers of light. the vision begins to creep back, but first thing in the morning, I get a preview of how it will be.  I noticed today that everything seems very difficult to do and I am a little overwhelmed...the elem art guys were going to come over but I cancelled that-too much for today.  am going to rest a little and Carolyn is running some tylenol over at noon. thanks, honey.

surg plans: my dad and his wife, annie and Jon are all coming up on Saturday afternoon. My dad and Geneva will be getting a room nearby and Jon and Annie will be here. Jon's girlfriend, our wonderful Vanessa, is flying up from the 14th to the 17th, taking a few days off from her teaching job in austin. as you can see, I am one lucky woman.  For those of you who don't know, my dad is a Radiation Oncologist and had a thirty year career treating all manner of cancers and teaching at IU. He is not only a concerned pappa but a hell of a doctor, too. I feel so glad about that.
 I am preregistering with Spectrum Health East Paris Campus-that is where the surgery is going to be. NOt sure yet about the time...kids are on his schedule that day and they come first.

i am going to crash for awhile...as always, thanks for your thoughts, interest, care, shoveling, coffee, bad eye jokes, advice about HD tv, designer eye patches, brownies.....


Heidi said...


rest assured. There are many people pulling for you, thinking of you, and praying for you.

Jon said...

If anyone out there is quick with obscure diagnoses, my mom would like to know how you tell if your headache is due to your eye tumor or your concussion. Anyone?