Sunday, February 10, 2008

it just hit me.
I cried with my children. I cried with my dad.
I got his shoulder all wet. I am here to tell you that you always need your dad, even when you are 56 and think you are very mature.
We are going to GR tonight to stay at a hotel, since the weather is so bad. this way we will be a block from the hospital. Deb made the arrangements and is driving all of us in her Trailblazer.
I am relieved.
Deb also went to Our Lady of the Lake this morning for mass and arranged for Father Phil to come and annoint me and give us communion. Thank you Deb for giving this sortof Buddhist a chance to be Catholic again for awhile.


solsun72 said...

Dear Claud--I am sure that you are going through a range of emotions right now as you head into tomorrow. I am so happy to know that there are so many people literally around you to bundle you up with love, care, and peace. Know that many of us who can't be with you are sending you healing, loving, and peaceful vibrations that will help carry you through. You have been open, aware, and real through this whole process and that spirit will help you through tomorrow and anything that happens from here on out. Continue to be open to all your emotions and continue to have faith in everything and everyone that surrounds you.

Love you--Ami

Babs said...

Claudia - You are in our thoughts and in our prayers.

I left a message for you on your home phone before reading your blog. "not a smart man Jenny".

Anyway - know that we love you and are praying for you. Remember that you are safely held.

Barbie, Joe, Joey and Becky

Peter said...

Dear Claudia - your California cousins have posted you on our church prayer list. We will be holding you in our hearts all day tomorrow, and during the days of recovery that follow. Love to you, Uncle Tom, Jon and Annie and all of your support folk.
Karen (Hayes) and Pete Smyth