Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday night Feb 19th

Hello, Dear Ones,
It is snowing again and today was yet another snow day! While driving up Riley street today, Deborah asked Annie and I if the snow we were witnessing would appropriately be called a "blizzard"--I said, no, I think, Flurries. She looked at me like I was nuts! 
First the eye update--I continue to feel more comfortable with this new orb of mine. It still feels like I have an eyeball in there, and the bruising and swelling continue to lessen.  Tylenol is doing the trick for pain management. Every day is a little easier.  Please know that I really do believe with all of my heart that it is your positive, healing prayers and vibes that are responsible for this. In the middle of this catastrophe, I feel a sense of peace and love that I never could have predicted. It is because of all of you. The feeling of being surrounded by your caring is indescribable.
Lots of good news todaY!! First, Deborah made me an appointment with an ophthalmologist
 in Holland who was recommended by my dear Dr. Aaberg.  His name is Dr. Ed Leuschner. He
gave me a full vision exam, the results of which I must present to the Sec of State office when I have my re-eval to determine my ability to drive.  He told me that I have a wide enough field of vision to drive without restrictions--in other words, wider than 110 degrees from left to right. My peripheral vision is of course pretty minimal on the left side but it is crazy just how far over I can detect stuff.  I am told it's a good thing I have a little nose! :)  
We also had phone conversations with Meemic Insurance over the totalled Echo and the medical expenses incurred in the accident-- ( a couple of thousand for the ambulance and ER visit.) Again I must throw in here how ridiculously fortunate I am to be sitting here writing this, and to have insurance. Let's please work for health coverage for all.  Let's please vote smart this fall (if I can be forgiven for using this blog to spout political beliefs!!--actually I know that I am singing to the choir...)
The other big news is that I BOUGHT A CAR TODAY!! A Toyota Rav4, 2003, a perfect auto for me for several reasons....first, it is little and has great visibility, second, the all wheel drive is so nice, and third, I used to have one and loved it. Deborah is going to take me out driving tomorrow for some practice. I am assured that it's just a matter of getting used to it.  We are going to get those cool mirrors for the car tomorrow so I can see better, too.
I got the car from Andrew Middleton at Lighthouse Used Cars, and he was great, giving me a great deal and just so nice to do business with. We got some great pics and will post them tomorrow.
I also finally got to talk to Brother Tom tonight and we will be getting together soon. It was so great to hear his voice.
Time to quit for tonight....oh--Jon's architecture firm in Austin sent a beautiful flower arrangement today-thank you so much...there are flowers all over the place and it is food for the eyes and the soul...


Seyth said...

I can't believe you went for the Rav4 over the Forrester after my strong recommendation to the contrary! Was it because you thought people were going to call it a lesbian car, because I don't think as many people think that as I made it out to seem?

Any way, I’m really happy for you, sounds like you’re doing well. You’ll excuse me if I refrain from strolling the Holland sidewalks for at least a couple of weeks though….kidding, kidding. Buddha is a stout-heart laugher. Love.


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