Saturday, February 16, 2008

picture post!

hello, friends -

annie here, with some pictures.

yesterday, mark amenta stopped by with reggie the dog. bella was hugely entertained by reggie, and gnawed on his face as much as possible. mark came bearing several tons of soup and chocolate, disregarding our "no more food, please" rule (but we forgave him; the soup was awesome!). he also cheered mom up with his energy and sense of humor.

reggie tolerates the abuse

earlier today, mom was feeling much better, so we got her dolled up and jon, vanessa, deb and mom and i went downtown to 84 east. the swelling in her eye has gone down significantly, along with the pain. she is feeling, as she says, "like a real person!" doesn't she look good??

after lunch, we stopped at the Ultimate Cycle Challenge at Ultimate Fitness, where mom got to see and speak with plenty of old friends, and jon and vanessa were able to hop on a ride for a while as well.
ms. barb malis

jon and vanessa

after the bike challenge, jan propst stopped by to drop off some more soup and a light-up tiara (!). shortly after she left, nathan came by to repair our busted door handle. she delighted in showing off the clear contact lens in her eye to nathan, racing toward him, wide-eyed, like a monster from 28 days later.
jan and bella

my beautiful mom and mr. kukla

finally, while mom was napping, jon and deb spent a good, long time today, going through insurance papers and all varieties of "official documentation" to relieve the burden from mom. we've got quite a team, here.

yesterday, we confirmed her consult with the ocularist (the eye artist) for march 14. in the meantime, we plan to come up with some drawings for her regular eye as well as for an abstract one (ideas, anyone?). i also did a drawing of her in profile, and later today will do one straight-on, without a patch over her eye, and will post it sometime soon.

enjoy your weekend, folks!


Jade said...

Annie, Your drawings are awesome.
Love you, Jade

lorma said...

Claudia & Annie -
It was so great to see you two yesterday! (2/20/08)
Claudia - I can think of few people who could sport an eye patch with your style and panache. You look positively elegant!

Love to you both,